polish language

I’ve read recently that according to 3 major sources: the Internet, the public and the American scientists, Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Last week I had a pleasure to meet Peter, who’s from the UK and he’s living in Poland for a couple of years now. He said that even though he’s been learning Polish for eight years, he thinks he’ll never be really fluent because Polish is actually an extremely difficult language. I know that many of you want to learn Polish so I’ve read a couple of articles on the Internet about Polish and I think that some of them are fake so I’ll try to deal with some myths.

polish companies

I know that many of you, like myself, are economy students. That’s why I’ll do my best to tell you as much as I can about polish economy. I’d like to start my new series with introducing world famous companies that were established by Poles or people born in Poland, polish Jews or whatever you call them. Enjoy!

public transport warsaw

I live in Warsaw for almost 7 years and there are days when public transport can still surprise me. An unexpected accident or a break down is enough to make commuting a disaster. There are more than 1600 buses and 400 trams on the streets and that are being used by 3,1 million passengers every day.

The city has a fantastic public transport network but the plethora of choice can be a bit overwhelming for the first time visitor so I’m going to share with you my advice on how to get around Warsaw. If you want to know what ZTM,  SKM or a request stop are, why the bus doesn’t stop everywhere and why you should not push the open button - keep reading and you won’t get lost in this city jungle. Let’s get started!

animated history

If you want to catch up with Polish history, I have good news for you. You don’t need to take a full dull course – just find 8 minutes and enjoy a genius animation which shows all the essential facts. The brilliant short video telling Poland's history by the master Tomasz Bagiński was the hit of the EXPO 2010 Shanghai exhibition. It's worth mentioning that the film won the silver medal for the most creative presentation at the EXPO.

poles diaspora

Have you ever wondered how many Poles there are in the world? Because we’re a 38 million nation, but adding up all the people of Polish origin around the world makes as a 60 million nation!  There are over 20 million people of Polish ancestry living outside Poland, making the Polish diaspora one of the largest and most dispersed in the world. 

campo grill

Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful restaurant in the world looks like? Well, if you want to find it, you have to visit Wrocław. In February CAMPO Modern Grill based in there won international WIN Awards in London for the best restaurant interior design of the year, beating the restaurants form Great Britain, Australia and Hong Kong. 

sunday trade ban

Last Sunday, on March 11th, was the first Sunday with large supermarkets and most other retailers closed for the first time since liberal shopping laws were introduced in Poland in 1990s after communism’s collapse.